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This is a special lens that is used to bend light in both the horizontal and vertical directions although it actually focuses more light power horizontally rather than vertically. To achieve these light angles it means that toric lenses must sit at cheap designer sunglasses a particular position on the eyes and come weighted at the bottom to prevent them from changing position when the eye ball moves about. The soft lens recommended brands include Biofinity, Proclear, Vertex, Clearsight, Acuvue, Air Optix, Focus Dailies, Softlens, Purevision, Freshlook, Biomedics, Frequency, Preference and Ultraflex, depending on whether they are disposable, weekly, biweekly (two week lenses) and are comfortable for you. Besides being used to address eye conditions contacts have also found application in changing the color of the eyes so as to achieve cosmetic appeal. Color contacts gucci sunglasses 2013 are also used in movies and theatrical performances e.g. for supernatural character roles. Contact lenses were originally created for the ray ban sonnenbrille purpose of correcting eye vision without their presence getting noticed and it is only later that the colored type appeared.

Contact Lenses – What you may need to know Spectacles have gradually been prada sunglasses replaced by contacts for purposes of correcting many, if not all eye conditions. This is primarily because contacts do not change one’s appearance, say by making you to appear older or by interfering with your facial gucci sunglasses sale appeal, designer sunglasses for men as spectacles tend to do. Further, contacts buy cheap sunglasses do not become misty when the air is moist e.g. during rainy weather and they ray ban sunglasses sale also provide a complete/widened field of vision as opposed to spectacles. Contact lenses are truly a modern day marvel, completely correcting your vision in a matter of seconds. Some of the eye conditions that are addressed with the use of contacts include myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism. Discount Oakley Sunglasses However, it is the astigmatism condition (whereby the uneven shape of the cornea results in blurred vision) polarized sunglasses that is more synonymous with contacts. Astigmatism is addressed with the help of toric contact lenses.

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